Fri May 14 2021 - Sat May 15 2021

Open for everyone

Student Council of SIES GST presents TML'21 Your mission, must you accept it, is as follows: A member of your agency is to be appointed as the spymaster, who alone will have access to the words reserved for your team in the grid. The Spymaster holds the responsibility to provide the perfect encrypted code that is to be decrypted by the Operatives of his/her organization. The Operatives must collectively decipher the encryption provided by the Spymaster of their agency that holds certain positions in the mysterious word grid. Only on decoding each cypher will the team move a step further to victory. But beware! If you encounter the assassin word through the mission, you will find yourself, eliminated! Alas! You’re not alone! At the other end will be the opponent organization with the same mission. It’s a race against clues! REGISTER NOW TO PLAY THIS AMAZING RIDDLING GAME! SAVE THE DATE: 14th &15th May, 2021