Literary Festival of Performing Arts (LFPA)

Fri Apr 02 2021 - Sun Apr 04 2021

Only for GSTians

LFPA acted as a great platform for those GSTians who wanted to embrace and soak in the scenic art and literature our beloved country has to offer. The vibrations of echoes of India were reverberated, adored and celebrated by this festival.The three pillars of the fest amused the students with literary arts from around the country. The first pillar stood on the foot of public speaking, debates, panel discussions and spoken word. The second pillar included literary workshops which proved to be very functional and practical for the students. The third and the most enchanting pillar of the Literary festival of performing arts was the epitome of Indian culture and diversity. This fest intended to keep afloat the drowning but remarkable performing arts of India. Glove, shadow, rod and string form a backbone of ancient art of storytelling i.e Kathputli, a string puppet theatre native to Rajasthan. We also be saw an adaptation of the Literary Team’s Baatcheet Singing the Unsung in its new ‘Kirdaar’.

Organized By LIT Team