Maharashtra coronavirus cases statistics

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About The Tracker

The Technical Team presents a Covid tracker for SIESGST students, wherein all GSTians will be updated with the number of COVID-19 CASES, and along with a multitude of college specific features . The breakdown of features is as follows :-

1) ANNOUNCEMENTS :- Faculties would be posting college related updates in this space.
2) COVID TRACKER :- This would provide the breakdown of all types of COVID cases in Mahrashtra.
3) QUESTIONNAIRE :- A confidential form that you have to fill to update your health status.
4) QUARANTINE STORIES :- This global pandemic calls for greater support and positivity within a community. We provide all GSTians a platform for the same in this section, wherein we'll feature everything cool that GSTians are doing during the lockdown :)

Kindly answer the questions below.

Are you infected with COVID-19?

Are you experiencing any of the symptoms from the following?

Do you have any recent travelling history?

Please share your exposure details.

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